Best and worst invention ever

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The best and the worst invention ever

We are going to talk you about books, which are according to us the best invention of the human being and aboutthe gas chambers, the worst one.

I - The book

Roger CHARTIER has defined 3 book’s revolutions,

1) The invention of the book as we know it

2)The invention of printing

3) The appearance of the E-Book

I’m going to talk you about the history of the book and the printing across centuries,about the political aspect, and I’m going to compare the book and the eBook. Moreover I’m going to tell you what represent the book for me and why I have toread, because I think that read make us feel good, when you read you forget all about your life, your problem, … Good books like Harry Potter, Twilight,Wuthering Heights, .. Make you such addict that you can’t stop reading. I think that this is what is so great with books and you can’t find it anywhere else(except maybe in good movies).

II – Gas Chambers

I’m going to talk you about the gas chambers, their creation, their using and their consequences.The gas chambers have been created to murder people, quickly and massively. We all know that they were used during the WWII to kill Jews, gay peoples, blackpeople, disabled, … I think that it’s an awful creation which is still used for animals (to have fur). We can’t accept it and we have to do everything we canto stop this slaughter.


According to us books and gas chambers are the best and the worst invention ever, what do YOU think about it?
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