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The admiration is a shape of respect, worship in an ideal object, Then the admiration can make people so admiring of their icon to the pointof will their to look like. Here we can take the example of Elvis Presley.

Now I go to presente the person who I am most admire it is Tupac Amaru Shakur, ofits real name Lesane Parish Crooks. He was born on June 16th, 1971 in New York and dead man murdered on September 13th, 1996 in Las Vegas, also called 2Pac, Pac,Makaveli, Makaveli ( Tha Don), MC New York, was a rapper and a American actor. It is one of the rappers having sold most albums in the history of the Hip-hop with more than 75million albums sold according to the World Guiness Book 2004, in whom he was classified " as Better Salesman of album of the Hip-hop " (among which 56 millions in theUnited States). His success widely contributed to the world commercial explosion of the rap during 1990s. His charisma, its whim, its flow, its worked words and itspremature death made one of the major icons of this musical genre, and a profitable frankness: it is one of the artists who took out most albums after his death, is classified8th better salesman of posthumous album any confused styles, so exceeding Bob Marley and many others.

I admire this person because it is the reference of therap, because what he expresses in the words of his music is very profoundly as we can see him in the musics hit em up or Change. And in spite of is not he who havediscover to me the rap, it is him who makes her to me like it.

In conclusion Tupac but made like its music that I listen to almost every day which he rests in peace.
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