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Children and adults killed and wounded
in school and campus shootings since 1996
Deaths (incl perpetrator)
Shooter suicide?
2 Feb 1996
Moses Lake, Washington, US
14yo dressed as a cowboy turned a hunting rifle on his algebra class at Frontier Junior High School, killing 2classmates and a teacher. Anotherstudent was shot in the arm.
2 Feb 1996Atlanta, Georgia, US
12yo shot and killed a teacher in the hallway of his school.
16 children and their teacher shot dead, + another 12 children and 2 teachers wounded, at Dunblane Primary School by a licensed handgun owner who then shot himself. This tragedy led to handguns being banned in the UK
13 March 1996
Dunblane, Scotland (18) (14)
15 August 1996
San Diego State University, US
36yodefending his graduate thesis shot and killed his 3 professors with a handgun.
27Jan 1997
West Palm Beach, Florida, US
13yo shot and killed another student in front of his school.
19 Feb 1997
Bethel, Alaska, US
16yo student opened fire with a shotgun at Bethel High School, killing the school principal and one student, and wounding 2 others.
30 Mar 1997
Sana’a, Yemen
Perpetrator with anassault rifle attacked hundred of students in two schools (8)
1 Oct 1997
Pearl, Mississippi, US
16yo stabbed his mother, then took a rifle to Pearl High School and shot 9 students. (7)
1 Dec 1997
West Paducah, Kentucky, US
14yo carried 5 loaded guns to Heath High School, shot at a prayer group, killing 3 students and wounding another 5. One girl was paralysed for life.
15 Dec 1997
Stamps,Arkansas, US
14yo boy hid in woods and shot the students as they stood in the parking lot.
24 Mar 1998
Jonesboro, Arkansas, US
Two boys, 13 and 11yo, stole 3 rifles and 4 handguns from their grandfather's house. The boys started the fire alarm and then shot at the students as they emerged from the school, killing 4 girls and their teacher. (10)
24 Apr 1998
Edinboro, Pennsylvania, US
14yo wentto the graduation dance where he shot and killed a popular science teacher. He wounded another teacher and 2 classmates before runningout of ammunition.
Deaths (incl perpetrator)
Shooter suicide?
21 May 1998
Springfield, Oregon, US
A 15yo opened fire with a Glock 9mm pistol, Ruger .22 rifle, and a Ruger .22 pistol in tcafeteria of Thurston HighSchool. His parents were found shot dead at their home.
14-year old fired a pistol in a crowded hallway of Armstrong High School, injuring 2
20 Apr 1999
Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado, US
Two teenage students executed a shooting rampage killing 12 other students and a teacher before committing suicide. The weapons were obtained at gun shows, where there was no requirement of IDor background checks. (15)
Taber, Alberta, Canada
15yo who had recently been withdrawn from school to escape bullying, entered W.R. Myers High School with a .22 rifle, killed one student an
15yo with .22 rifle + .357 magnum revolver injured 6 classmates at Heritage High Sch
20 May 1999
Conyers, Georgia, US (6)
20 Nov 1999
Deming, New Mexico, A boy shot a 13yo in the back of the head in thelobby of Deming Middle
6 Dec 1999
Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, U
A 13yo student opened fire on a group of students waiting outside for the morningFort Gibson Middle School.
7 Dec 1999
Veghel, Netherlands
A 17 yo student shot and wounded a teacher and 4 fellow students in the 1st school shooting in Dutch history. The student was reported to have been upset over a romance. The student'sfather (35) a
7yo boy shot a 6yo girl in the neck with a .32 semi-automatic handgun. The gun allegebelonged to a 19-year-old with whom the boy lived (his mother was arrested and his father in prison). The young man was charged with involuntary manslaughter.
29 Feb 2000
Mount Morris, Michig
10 Mar 2000
Savannah, Georgia, US
Two students killed by a 19yo while leaving a dance at Beach High...
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