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Congratulations, you and your iMac were made for each other.

Time Machine Automatically back up your files to an external hard drive. Mac Help time machine

Built-in iSight camera Video chat with up to three friends anywhere in the world at the same time. Mac Help isight

Front Row
DVD Movies TV Shows Music Podcasts Photos Settings Sources

> > > > > > > >

Finder Browse the contents of your computer using Cover Flow. Mac Help finder

Front Row with Apple Remote Enjoy movies, music, and photos from the comfort of your sofa. Mac Help front row

iMovie Collect all your video in one library. Create and share movies in minutes. iMovie Help movie

iPhoto Organize all your photos with Events. Publish to a Web Gallery with a click. iPhoto Help photo

GarageBand Create music by adding musicians to a virtual stage. Enhance your song to sound like a pro. GarageBand Help record

iWeb Create beautiful websites with photos, movies, blogs, podcasts, and dynamic web widgets. iWeb Help website

Chapter 1: Ready, Set Up, Go
9 What’s in the Box 10 Setting Up Your iMac 15 Putting Your iMac to Sleep or Shutting It Down

Chapter 2: Life with Your iMac
20 22 24 26 28 Basic Features of Your iMac Other Features of Your iMac Ports on Your iMac Other Components of Your iMac Getting Answers

Chapter 3: Boost Your Memory
33 Installing Additional Memory 38 Making Sure Your iMac Recognizes the New Memory

Chapter 4: Problem, Meet Solution
41 Problems That Prevent You from Using Your iMac 43 Using Apple Hardware Test 44 Problems with Your Internet Connection
Contents 5

46 47 48 48 50 51 53

Problems with AirPort Extreme Wireless Communication Keeping Your Software Up to Date When an Application Doesn’t Respond Reinstalling the Software That Came

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