Black beauty

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What is human about the exchange between Black Beauty and Ginger? What aspects inspire pathos?

With this excerpt, Anna Sewell, the narrator, succeeds in underlining the human side of the exchangebetween Black Beauty and Ginger.
In fact, at the beginning of the text, the Ginger’s description is done like a human’s description with the body’s vocabulary: “knees”, ”legs”, ”neck”, ”eye”,”face”… . Moreover, it is interesting to note how human’s feelings are presented in the whole text: first with the description of the eyes which is full of hopeless, then with the face which seems to belifeless and finally the breath which sounds bad.
Then, in the middle of the text, whereas Black Beauty and Ginger recognized themselves, this last begins to talk like a human can do. The Ginger’s storyis full of particular feelings: first, from line 16 to line 19, she feels herself like an object, then from line 20 to line 31 there are a lot of different feelings, like sadness (she was treated likenothing and she wanted to die) and courage (even if she was very unhappy, she continued to do what human expect to her).
To finish, at the end of the text, there are still human things as the contactthat Ginger and Black Beauty have with their noses and the sentence “you are the only friend I ever had” which symbolizes how much these two horses have human’s feelings and attitude. Black Beauty issad because of Ginger’s misfortune and sympathizes with her friend’s pain.

What is striking in this text is the way with which Anna Sewell inspires pathos. She done all she could to show thepathetic aspect of the text.
In fact, throughout the text, there are a lot of things which challenge the reader. First, there are a lot of sad adjectives during Ginger’s description: “poor”, “shabby”,“ill-kept”, “unsteady”…. Then when this last tells her story, she gives details which are full of despair, like her desire to die, or how she was treated and how she born that. Finally at the end...
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