Bollywood in english

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BOLLYWOOD lyw Bollywood is the most famous place of India’s cinema. It’s the mix of Bombay(the name’s city where the industry is centered) and Hollywood (the most famous place of world’s cinema). In India 14 millions people go in cinema every day to see 1000 movies who were shotted a year.Sometimes actors shoot scenes for four differents movies simultaneously because films are made so fast. After the movies were composed of 40 songs but now there are composed of 6 to 8 songs.The movies change with India.In deed India is up of 10 pourcent/year. More and more films are shotting in Europe and in Switzerland in particulary because realisators want to their films help people to escape reality because it’s for some people the only way possible. The first Bollywood’s films is Raja Harishchandra of Dadasaheb Phalke on 1913. The famous Bollywood’s actor is Shahrukh Khan : he won 30 rewards during his professional life and the famous Bollywood realisator is Sajid Nadiadwala. The indian movies are shooted to show the difficulty’s intouchable with a story of love by exemple REHNAA HAI TERE DIL MEIN.

Mcq : 1°)What is the nick name of the famous indian cinema place ? a)Hollywood- b) Bombay- c) Bollywood- d) New delhi 2°) How many are shooted every year in Bollywood ? a)2.000- b) 500- c)1.000- d) 99 3°) How many people go cinema in India every day ? a)26 millions- b)14 millions- c)8 millions- d)42 millions 4°)How many songs composed movies ? a)40- b)10- c)20- d)3 5°) And now ? a)6 to 8- b)12- c) 2- d) 5 6°)What is the name of the first movie shooted in Bollywood ? a) Raja Harishchandra- b)Mother India- c)Kal ho na ho- d)Omkara 7°)When was he shooted ? a)1942- b)1913- c)1926- d)1899- 8°)Who is the more famous actor of indian cinema ? a)Shahruk Khan- b)Gandhi- c)Shalid Kapur- d)Rani Mukherji 9°)What’s the principal subjects of indian movies ?

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