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➢ Road transport: a car, a bicycle, a bus, a motorbike, a taxi, a scooter, a trolley-bus ➢ Rail transport: a metro, a train, a tram, an electric train ➢ Air transport: an airplane ➢ Water transport: a ship, an ocean liner, a ferry, a water taxi, a water bus ➢ On foot

=> Think about the advantages and disadvantages of each means of transport.

Useful to drive a car language: to ride a bike to take public transportation to take a taxi to travel by train / plane / bus to ride home to take a drive to fly out of the country

=> What forms of transportation do you take everyday? Which one do you prefer? Have you ever experienced the water or air transport? How do you like it?


Imagine that your Canadian friend came to Kiev. He wants to visit Troyeschyna market, Dreamtown, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and Hippodrome in one day. He has $ 30 to spend on transportation. Please make a transportation route for him. Explain your choices.

3. IDIOMS. Suggest your meaning.

To pick somebody up _________________________________________________________
Take a hike ____________________________________________________________

To catch a ride ____________________________________________________________

Put your pedal to the metal _____________________________________________________
Nice wheels ____________________________________________________________


4. DISCUSSION. How do I choose the right direction?

When we have to go to an unknown place we use a map or GPS-navigator to find out the right way to the destination. What is the destination of your life? What navigator do you use in you journey of life? The Bible says: "You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever"

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