Brooklyn follies

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Part 1
The first part role is to build up a landscape and present the characters.
The scene takes place in a car driving on a long flat road! There are 2men in the car! The driver who is also the narrator (it’s a first person narrative) and the 2nd one is a boy,he must be a hitch-hiker because he has a bag and the driver asks him if he’s “going far”!he has just picked him up ! They‘re talking about a murderer they have just heard about in the news on the radio! The murderer is referred to as a «he» so this killer who’s being hunted by the police is a man! It’s not the first time he has committed a murder! Indeed he had already killed 7people (qualified as a serial killer).
Description of the characters
The narrator isn’t omniscient! It’s an internal point of view! The situation is seen through the driver’s eyes! We don’t know anything about his physical appearance however we are given information’s about his attitude. He “smoke”, “his neck is stiff” and judging from the movements of his eyes and hands we can supposed that he’s either tired or nervous! He isn’t talkative; he doesn’t speak much and uses short sentences when he does! He may be ill at ease and may have wanted to speak with somebody.
The kid physical appearance
He's red-haired, bright-eyed, baby-faced, and slightly-built. He's rather short, smaller than average. He looks seventeen! Conventionally red-haired person are associated with Devil.
Attitude: he's a sly looking boy! He’s self confident! Contrary to the driver he's talkative and disturbing! He's the one who restarts the conversation! He's also a nervous looking boy.
Atmosphere: it’s tense, a crime, and an isolated place! The main character: the kid is dubious and we don't know much about the driver
Effects on the reader: the reader is led to feel ill at ease when he's given all these elements !we know that there is a murder in that area, it all makes the reader feel suspicious too!!
We start to wonder about the identity of the

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