Can money buy everything you want ?

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Money can buy a lot of things but not everything. First, we will see that money can buy every material things but the material things are not theonly things that matter in a life.

Money is essential to our material lives. Indeed, it buys everything that we need or we want. For example, youcan't live if you don't feed yourself. But food is something that we have to pay to have it. With money, you can also buy a house, a place to livewith some comfort. But money can also buy other material "things" like humans. In fact, we can pay someone to make love with or we can buy someone to dosome job that we don't want to do by ourselves like killing people.

Nevertheless, material things are not the thing. Roch Carrier said «Life andlove are the same. When there is no love, there is no life." Feelings like love are the most important things in a life and are the ones that allowus to go ahead. But love can't be buy. We can't pay someone to make him/her fall in love with us. We can't buy feelings so we can't buy happiness.And, finally, we can't buy health. Of course, you can pay doctors to heal you but if you have an incurable disease, you can pay so many doctors to lookafter you, money won't heal you. So, we can say that money don't buy everything, in particular, happiness.

So, can money buy everything that wewant? I say no. It can only buy material things but not what's immaterial like feelings and the feelings like love are what matter in a life.
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