Some peolple would be ready to do anything to get rich.

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We say that money doesn't make happiness, but i would say it contributes to it strongly. To be rich, is to not have money problems anymore and for money to be able to offer the richperson and the people around him immeasurable small pleasures. Rich people are privileged, admired, reach a certain fame and live a high lifestyle. It is absolutely human to want tohave a peaceful and pleasant life. Money determines an important part of our life, that's why some people would be ready to do anything to get rich: the best and the worst (throughlegal or even illegal means).

On the one hand, some pursue wealth in a legal way. Some are even near to ridiculing themselves in television programs such as reality shows to achievefame or for pure greed. Others spend a fortune in games of chance, hoping that one day they will win the jackpot. The best example of a man who has become rich through his ambitionand belief is Bill Gates who became the richest man in the world with a fortune estimated at 40 billion dollars.

On the other hand, some attempt to access the wealth illegally, bydishonest means. For example, the american Jack Alderman killed his wife to reach a premium for life insurance estimated to be about 20 000 dollars. However, certain people bite offmore than they can chew. Take the example of the fraud of nearly 4.9 million euros at the « Société Générale » in 2008. Jérôme Kerviel, a single employee managed to divert thiscolossal sum in trafficker accounts within the bank. He finally fled and was arrested but eventually released.

As a conclusion, I would say that if the opportunity arose, some peoplewould be willing to sell their soul to the devil to become wealthy. Sometimes it becomes an obsession but fortunately, not everyone is necessarily affected by such a dangerous greed!
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