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Sustainable Development in Canada

I) Introduction

In 1984, the World Commission of the Environment and the Development published “the report Brundtland “Our future to all”, in which it defined the Sustainable Development. So, it defined it as the development which “answers the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of the future generations to answer in their ".
Indeed, in the 21st century, the World knows many challenges, particularly the global warming, the atmospheric pollution, the poverty, or even the poor health and the loss of biodiversity. According to the report, the humanity can create a more prosperous future, but only with the help of political measures.
So, the Government of Canada undertook to implement the Sustainable Development in its Policy.

II) Contribution of the Government of Canada to the Sustainable development
In order to improve the efficiency of the federal government to place the durability in the center of the Canada policy and programs, the government had examined laws and the best international practices.
Thanks to these searches, the Parliament adopted the federal Law on the sustainable development in 2008. The Law requires from the government of Canada that it must elaborate a federal Strategy of sustainable development.
This federal Strategy shows clearly the ambition and the objectives on a long term of the Canada. Indeed, it proposed:

* To create jobs and industries of the future: the government of Canada encouraged the progression of the Industry in the development sustainability. In particular, Industry Canada helps to promote the standards and the analyses of profitability for the social responsibility of companies. Moreover, it supports and leads searches on the stakes link with the social responsibility of companies.

* To make of Canada a place privileged for families: the Canada want that families can meet the needs of their children, contribute to the local authority, and

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