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Table of Contents


1.1. The environment (Demographic, Economical, Natural, Technological, Political, Cultural, Legal forces) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..3

1.2. The industry 4
1.2.1. Rivalry among existing competitors 4
1.2.2. Threat of new entrants 4
1.2.3. Threat of substitute products 4
1.2.4.Bargaining power of suppliers 4
1.2.5. Bargaining power of buyers 4

1.3. The firm 4
1.3.1. The company mission 4
1.3.2. The company objectives and goals 4
1.3.3. The business portfolio 5

1.4. The marketing Process for one company’s offer 5
1.4.1. The marketplace 5
1.4.2. The marketing strategy 5
1.4.3. The marketing program 5




The history of Ferrero begins in 1946, with Pietro Ferrero, an Italian cooker, who had the idea to replace cocoa beans by hazelnuts. With some other experience, this idea became the famous snack for kids: Nutella. At this time, the first name of Nutella was “Supercrema”.
In the 50s, the company exports its products outside the Italianborders, especially in Germany and France.The progress of the group was spectacular, thanks to Nutela and My Darling products. In the 70s, Ferrero goes abroad to introduce its products in America, Australia and Southeast Asia.Then, in the 90s, the group keeps its success in South America.
In the French market, Marks Nutella, My Darling, Kinder, Ferrero Rocher and later, Tic Snap permitted FerreroFrance to be on the first place of the confectionery of chocolate market since 2004.
We have chosen the product Nutella for our case study. French people consume about 800 grams per year. In fact, Nutella is a part of the Ferrero Corporation with 15% of its sales and is the fourth largest confectionary group all around the world.

1. The situation analysis

1.1. The environment

1.1.1.What are the expectations of customers
1.1.2. What are the potential competitors

1.2. The industry

We are going to analyse the industry Ferrero with a complete survey of the company’s situation, thanks to the Porter’s five competitive forces model.

1.2.1. The rivalry among existing competitors
1.2.2. Threat of new entrants
1.2.3. Threat of substitute products
1.2.4. Bargaining powerof suppliers
1.2.5. Bargaining power of buyers

Ferrero has got a very large variety of goods, but he although has got a lot of rivalry. We can for example speak of all the chocolate bars marks like Mars Incorporated.

Globally, Ferrero is one of the market leaders in Europe for candies, but it doesn’t mean he can stop to innovate. In fact, because off all the other candy marks, like MARS orNESTLE, Ferrero is always about to find new possible products: for example “Kinder Schoko Bons” which has come out a few years ago has been a real success. Ferrero is also trying the Nutella&Go in France, after trying it in United States, where it has been very popular. Other new products are also the “Kinder Bueno” or a new bar: “Kinder ChocoFresh”.
The threat of new entrants is not very high,as the market is full. But because of the habits to have something to chew, the market in this area is very competitive, and every month new products enter the market. For example “Pom’Potes”, which became very popular, as it is between a beverage and a snack.

The threat of substitute product is very high. As said before, globally chocolate bars are competing with chocolate, candies, cerealsbars and snacks. All of these products have their advantages and disadvantages. And so are competing one another.

1.3. The firm

1.3.1. The company mission

The main objective of Ferrero is to attract young people, especially child, by offering them a pleasant meal for their snack; today, the company also target grownups. Ferrero is well-known as a company which provide good quality :...
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