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Q3: At the beginning, she thinks it is not a so good thing because it is not pay by the company, but in a second way she seems to agree with his friend argument: she could earn 3 graduateunits and work experience for when she will be out from the school so that a great idea to register to this internship.

Q4: She explains that a supersonic aircraft which is going faster that the soundspeed will create a shock with sound wave. It creates a shock wave and you can hear a sonic “boom” when a supersonic jet passes the sound speed.

Q5: They want to create the project step by step.Firstly, find partners and after looking for a subject. Her roommate has already explained the first course explanation and she will go this week to have more information about the project.

Q6: Theprofessor told that it exists persons with two radically personality difference. Those two personalities are in a singular person. Into the same body, it is possible that there is a shy and a out-goingpersons or a personality with certain knowledge although an other personality have an other knowledge.


Q1: From the text, it is said that the library of Alexandria was the most marvelouslibrary in the world because she was the widest! Ptolemy I had collected books from the whole European continent. The listen passage provides information about how the library disappeared. Actually,even if they don’t know exactly what happens, they think that it is due to Julian Cesar invasion in Alexandria. Indeed, by making the fleet burning, the fire spread into the city and burn the wholelibrary. But, they are pretty sure that not everything had burn because they founded some traces of books from the library in the 4th century. The Christiania’s conflict at this moment, with order fromEuropeans to destroy Alexandria could be the other conflict, which makes the library, disappeared. They think that they had rescued certain books from the fire but they don’t know so much more for the...
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