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The developments of technologies in biology have contributed greatly these recent years to increase all the advances in medicine, particularly in the field of stem cells. But, as we know, thisdevelopment is expensive and funds to finance the research are not necessarily available in spite of considerable progress.
The statements they make their best to help researchers in their studies or, likeBush, they put a brake which makes longest? What are the issues? What is the progress in cells stems ?
Is what we will say ….

Generally, stem cells are present in all living multicellular. Theyplay a very important role in the development of organisms and in maintaining them. In medicine, stem cells in animals and humans are the subject of much research since the 1990’s years, hoping to beable to regenerate tissues or create any number of organs and tissues (cell therapy). Given the potential benefits that seem to present, trials of therapeutic cloning have been developed to control themanufacture in large numbers.
in 2007, the professor Yamanaka create new cells to fight against the untreatable diseases like Alzheimer's disease. We are also talking about stem cells in cloningissue, or
advantages of risk for any countries that are patent holders or specialists in these trials.
In 2009 a law was expected to develop research cells while preserving the listed ethical andeconomic but we don’t know more about this law.
Find the solution in which cure diseases through stem cells is a medically size issues but especially economically because it is obvious that any countryinvesting in the research could not only avoid investing in other research less unsuccessful but also treat patients who are willing to pay millions to get better. Other countries would also bewilling to pay to borrow the licenses and rights to use.

The challenge is to size and as say president of the united states Barack Obama, money for this activity will be strengthened. It remains to...
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