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In this Essay, I will explain how the character of Gottschalk changes in behaviour from the beginning of the novel through the chapters which I have read. Gottschalk, a veterinarian, who arrives inAfrica and is changed by it; how he first experiences it, how it alters him, and how those alterations are revealed in his character. That is all fictional, the protagonist of the novel, Gottschalk,is a fictional character. At the beginning of the second chapter, it is clear that Veterinary Lieutenant Gottschalk was involved in an accident exactly 3 weeks after he boarded the boat to begin hisjourney. He is a positive character at the start of the novel. We see this when Gottschalk wants to buy a farm. As the novel goes proceeds, we can see that Gottschalk wants to integrate more and moreinto society in Africa. He wants to build a house to live there. I think that his job in Africa changed him. When he worked as a vet in Africa he saw many disgusting sights. He saw thin and diseasedanimals which were injured and he also saw some dead bodies of animals. I think that this contributed to him changing his behaviour. Gottschalk did not understand why a lot of people were suffering fromstarvation and there were animals dying and not being used for meat. I think this is another reason why his behaviour changed. The chapter which is in relation to Wenstrups disappearance is veryimportant because is this is when we see that Gottschalk learns how to view things in life with a different perspective. This chapter talks about how Gottschalk learned how to deal with the memories ofWenstrup. Wenstrup is very critical of his colleagues and colonialism. The shooting of a civilian in this chapter leads to the change of Gottschalk. Even though he changed after the shooting , we canstill see that he wanted to integrate with society he is learning language of where he lives in Africa. He does not care about the poetic aspect of the language, he just wants to use the language for...
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