Chile cross cultural analysis

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Aniek de Vink, Estefania Zambrano

Cross-Cultural Visa

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Top Ten Tips:

1. Try to work in a group instead of alone

2.Take your time to build a relationship before doing business.

3. For a successful business relation, relate to family members and friends.

4. Keep in mind that social connections afterbusiness are important.

5. Dress tastefully and be prepared.

6. Deal with top management or leader.

7. Remain honest but a have a sense of humour as well. Be serious when necessary.8. Compliments are appreciated.

9. Be aware that you may not get a truthful response.

10. They can be self-depreciating.

Communication conventions:

- Chileans are indirectcommunicators.

- They might not give a truthful answer, as they say what they think you want to hear.

- Strong desire to please.

- To friends, they are honest and can even givenegative criticism.

- Low downward communication

- Their communication is implicit.

- Communication for Chileans is polite, formal, assertive and serious.

- Personalcommunication is preferred

- When e-mailing, read between the lines.

- Chileans prefer details instead of bullet points.

Work related issues:

- To work in Chile, it’s necessary tohave a Spanish knowledge

- Building relationships and business entertaining are essential.

- Co-workers genuinely care for each-other.

- Politeness is very important.

-Chileans are uncomplicated negotiators.

- They take responsibility very seriously

- They rather not take risks

- They look for acceptance, but there isn’t a strict social class.- Chileans are ambitious.

Time related issues:

- Chileans have the tendency to postpone everything until the last minute.

- They complete their tasks in their own time.

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