Christian ethics : war

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Christian Ethics
Topic studied: War
War is something awful, revolting and disgusting! Lives are taken away, and most of them are innocents. We are living in a fallen world full of sin and waris the result of our failure to keep God’s covenant. We are going to look at how we should react on this topic as Christians.

Here are some statistics of the two biggest wars the world has everseen. World War 1 and World War 2:
The World War 1 have a total casualties of around 35,5 millions
persons[1], mostly military.
For the World War 2, the total human loss of life is roughly around 62millions[2]
Death Distribution Of Both World Wars[3]

|War |Military Dead |Civilian Dead |
|World War 1|95% |5% |
|World War 2 |33% |67% |

Theses statisticsare pretty shocking. Particularly when we see that during the 2nd World War, most of the casualties were afflicted to the civilian! This world is totally immoral, and we will not bother killinginnocent to win a war…

Now we have these ethical questions for us Christians:
- Should we have war?
- Should a Chrisitan go to war?
- If so, should a Christian kill during war?

Let’s have aBible perspective on the question. In the Old Testament, we can see that God definitely doesn’t want us to kill people as it is written in the 10 commandments: “You shall not kill.”[4] But it is underthe same covenant that the greatest men of God were the greatest warriors during battles as well! For example King David, respected from everyone, the one who was following the Lord, the greatestworshipper of the old testament, the one who inspire us so much still today…he was as well one of the greatest warrior of the old testament! He first killed Goliath at a young age and then when he was...
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