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1) The Charter of Virgina is a contract made by the King of England James I in 1606. This charter was made between him and the first people who went to the New World. The MayflowerCompact is a kind of contract written by the puritans in the way of the New World, aboard the Mayflower. This document is both a social and a religious contract. It’s a contract between them andGod.

2) The differences between the Charter of Virginia and the Mayflower Compact is that the first was just a governmental agreement between the King and some people of thearistocracy, and the second was a contract between the puritans and God. It was essentially a religious contract.

3) Indentured servants were European people who wanted to go to the New World,but they didn’t have the money to go there. So, to go their they has no choice but to borrow from rich people. To pay their debt, they offer their work for a few years to those rich people,but they were not paid. The difference between the indentured servants and the slaves is that the slaves, who came from Africa, didn’t want to go to America and the indentured peoplewanted to go there.

4) The people ddecided to leave England to go to the New World because they were oppressed by the King and the Church of England because of their religion. They werepuritans, and the King hated them because they were very radical in the practice of their religion. They saw the New World like a kind of promised land, were they would be free. They wantedequal laws in the sight of God and to form a kind of democratic form of government.

5) 1607 : It’s the creation of the first English settlement
1620 : The Pilgrim Fathers founded thecolony of Plymouth
1630 : The puritans founded the colony of Massachussets

6) In 1754 there were 13 British colonies in the New World.

7) Florida was not a British colony.
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