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Anglais : débat sur la liberté de la presse - In France for exemple, if a journalist takes without the permissionof the person concerned, he will be punished by a judge. So, we can infer that some journalists are representing a threat for our private life. - The media can control the political power. The press represents the fourth power. For example, during the « Watergate », the press undermined president Nixon thanks to informations of spying they published in their newspapers. Moreover, camille Desmoulin published severals articles which savoured french revolution. - Si ils parlent de Wikileaks : It’s absolutely wrong ! It cant't be an argument against the freedom of the press for one simple reason. In fact, according to me, the internet isn’t the press, because, in the internet, there aren’t any laws or rules. When you post an article on the internet you are totally free, whereas, when you are a journalist, you have a journalist's card and you have to respect the code of ethics. Hence, internet informations can't be considered as journalistic informations.
Futhermore, for the affair « wikileaks », the creators of the website aren’t journalists but hackers. - The expression « the fourth power» is used nowadays to refer to the mass medias as a powerfull watch dogs in liberal democracy revealing abuses of state and defending the democratic rights of citizens. For example, when Zola write « j’accuse », he reveals abuses of the political and judiciairy authorities during Dreyfus judgement

- The goal of the press is to inform people from a non biased point of view, about what’s happening in the world. - Despite, the inevitable excesses it is far better to live in a country where the press is not gagged, in order not to fall into dictatorship. - Without the freedom of the press, actual socials problems are banalized. The press information lead to the sensibilization of the public.

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