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Exercise 1
Before you start listening to the audio document,describe the cartoon below, taking into consideration the following points : 1. Describe this cartoon in detail. The scene takes place at the France Show in Earls Court, London. It is a trade fair where French products and services are displayed. We can see three different stands: one displaying Champagne and wine, another for notary services and finally a bank that offers international mortgages.All the stands have signs either advertising their products or giving information. As the fair takes place in London, these products are intended to attract British customers and incite them to buy and invest in French products including real estate, which is why there is a notary stand and a bank offering mortgages. There are eight people in the cartoon. In the top right-hand corner, there is acouple standing at the entrance about to go into the show room. The woman is smiling and seems happy to go, whereas the man looks puzzled. Inside the exhibition room at the wine stand, there is a sales representative wearing a waistcoat that looks like a uniform. He is holding a bottle of champagne and the visitor a glass, probably tasting the product. The salesman seems to be looking at the labeland must be giving a sales pitch about the brand and trying to convince the customer to buy it. In the foreground (centre right), a man and a woman are standing next to a
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bank that offers international mortgages. The woman is holding out her hand, so she must be a sales rep ready to give information to the visitor who may be a potential customer interested in taking out a mortgageto buy property in France. Finally on the left, there is a notary stand. The woman must be a notary or a notary’s assistant, and she is probably informing the visitor about legal procedures after the visitor has asked for information about living in France, buying real estate, working and paying taxes there. 2. Imagine what the people are thinking. The couple standing at the entrance havedifferent expressions, so they are probably thinking different things. The woman may be eager to taste the luxury products. She may also want to find out about taking a trip to France to visit the country to savour the local products on the spot or even buy property there. On the other hand, the man seems puzzled and is wondering what it is all about, and if it is worth the visit. His wife might havedragged him there, and he may have preferred to stay at home or go somewhere else. The sales rep has been telling the visitor about the brand, pointing out its characteristics and unrivalled quality. Meanwhile, he may be thinking about what he’ll say next, figuring that as the wine makes the man relax, it may be the right moment to encourage him to make a bulk order. He could also be thinking abouthis sales commission or be anxious for the day to end after all the fatigue and pressure of setting up the stand and trying to sell. The man tasting the champagne seems quite satisfied and may be thinking it hits the spot and is a great French drink compared to the traditional British Pimm’s. The notary or notary assistant while explaining legal details may be thinking what a clever nice-lookingyoung man and how bold of him to want to set up a business in France. The young man pleased with what she is telling him is spurred to carry out his plan of moving to the south of France and buying local produce, home-made canned or pickled food and arts and crafts which he plans to sell in the U.K. 3. Anticipate what they are going to do and why. The couple will visit the France show, have a good...
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