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Hello every body.
Today we will talk about a famous beverage, or would I say it is more like a phenomenon, probably you have already drunk of it, it is known for his black color.
Yes. Coca Cola .
There is a small chance that none of you here have never drunk Coca Cola.
Is there Somebody here who has never heard of coca cola ?
In fact 94 percent of worldpopulation has recognized coca cola. You probably know its different taste ? Coca cola vanilla COCA LIGHT, Coca cola sherry ?
Do you know the story of coca cola ? Do you what make it so famous, and how they did to be so famous ? Let's move onto the subject !


History should be turned back to May, 1886. The pharmacist, Doctor John Pemberton who comes from Atlanta, Georgia, invented CocaCola; he secretly kept its formula in his backyard. John's bookkeeper Frank Robinson, who had also excellent penmanship, gave this beverage the name Coca Cola, which has been recognized by 94 percent of population of today.

The first time when Coca Cola faced to the public, it was sold at the soda fountain in John's pharmacy the 8th of May, 1886. Like all the stories, Fortune is not made in oneday. The first year of sales of Coca Cola, the business was a loss of $20. Until then, the soft drink like one and another was considered a tonic which contained extracts of cocaine as well as the caffeine rich kola nut.

The fate changed by the appearance of a new role, Asa Candler, which became in the end an American business tycoon thanks to Coca Cola. He began his business as a drugstoreowner. In 1887, he bought the formula Coca Cola for $2,300 from its inventor John Pemberton.

Thanks to their marketing and advertising strategies, Coca Cola Company skyrocketed their sales by over 4000% by the last decade of 19 centuries. Of course, advertising is a key role in their success. Then, in the 1960s, they took a great and right decision which was essential in their further career. CocaCola would be no more served at the local soda fountain, but sold to independent bottling companies which allowed them to sell this dream to the world.

In 1985, the secret of New Coke formula was revealed. Nowadays, Coca cola products are consumed over one billion drinks each day!

Success factors of Coca Cola

There are a lot of factors which bring Coca Cola to an unbelievable success.Marketing, Advertising, etc.

Firstly, for the Marketing, I want to use SWOT theory to analysis its strategy.

For the Strengths, the image of Coca Cola is popular and stands for a very American style. It is not just a symbol of quality, but a statement of lifestyle; Coca Cola's images are displayed not only on bottles, but also on toys, T-shirts, hats, etc. Its level of brand's recognition isexpanded from fashion youth to little children and elders, which is normally a barrier for other companies because it is really too difficult to achieve.

Whatsmore, according to some experts, its bottling system plays an important role in their strengths. The largest part of Coca Cola's revenue is the sale by independent business people, their bottlers. Due to Coke is not entirely the proprietorof its bottling network, its marketing strategy rightly focuses on these locally owned bottlers.

For their weaknesses, although Coca Cola for some domestic people and strangers is a kind of necessary, and its turnover rose gradually. Following some recent reports, the unit case volumes of Coke in Indonesia and Thailand declined due to reduced consumer purchasing power. These areas gave a greatthreat to Coca Cola Company because of their occupation of 35% of Coke's volume.

For its advertising factor,

The key success in its advertising strategy is the cooperation with Stars. Celebrities like Normal Rockwell and Jim Harrison created the refreshment of Coke images, that, most important, we recognize and we love!

The special and old Coca Cola memorabilia made also their super...
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