Commentaire sur le discours de linda colley "british values whatever they are won't hold us together"

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During the last decades, Britain has been shacked with political troubles especially by the terrorist attacks of the last years in London; Linda Colley, (born in 1949) is a leading historian of Britain, empire and nationalism. She is currently Shelby M.C. Davis 1958 Professor of History at Princeton University inthe United States. In this article “BRITISH VALUES, WHATEVER THEY ARE  WON’T HOLD US TOGETHER” published on May 18th, 2006 by a daily left wing paper “the Guardian” , as the title suggest, Colley suggests her approach in promoting a “ new citizen identity” more than into trying to keep « British values » in every people’s mind in order to prevent such events in the future. So, we are firstintroduced by the aspects which led Britain to discuss on new measures , particularly in a religious thorough, the second part relates the question of a new citizenship concept and the necessity of a Citizen Bill.

1) A Different Point of View
2) Religion Pluralism
3) Postwar Effects


1) Learn History of Britain
2) A NewLanguage of Citizenship
3) The Necessity of a Citizen Bill

(° 1) From the 16th century to the 20th, the British Empire was on its peak with its economical but also with its political power. Colley is explaining how things have changed since those times. She uses several times the term “similar” and its derivates to describe former Britain’s people; I quote from l.2 to l.4: « (…) the vast majoritybelonged to the same religion, and spoke much the same language. And at regular intervals, these very similar people, possessed of very similar values (…) In point of fact, the society lived in a common way of life, they were all protestant. But according to Colley, acts of violence justified by religion have always existed. :«I quote (l.5) they «would cheerfully go and watch some of them beingburned alive at the stake (…) because they were dimmed to possess the wrong brand of Christianity  » . Colley also mentions . The ongoing religious struggle in human’s being is seen as practically unexceptional to Linda Colley. I quote l.11: « Acts of violence against one’s own countrymen that are legitimated by religion are not new. Nor such acts have been unique to Islam ». But from the time ofroman conquest, countries of Great Britain have although reached a common culture assimilated during several centuries, the religious clash between these people, whatever problematic and non inconsequential it was, was not a matter of value but existed indeed. So what Colley wants to highlight is the fact that promoting British values is a useless resolution. The real matter that Colley points atis that the motivation of nowadays tensions takes no more any shape of cultural protection, on the contrary it is a threat to the British community, it goes on with other purposes which are compromising common prosperity as the nature of the terrorist threat itself is changing this recent years. Although Al-Qaida is “weaker than at any time since 9/11”, other groups now aspire to attack. The lastterrorist attacks of London (called 7/7) have to be taken seriously in account because it was done by British proper peopIe.72 :  « Terrorist acts by alienated Muslim inhabitants of UK ».
2) The term of “ new religious pluralism” (l.16); is a paramount issue to focus on, indeed Britain today is a multi faith society in which everyone has the right to religious freedom. Although Britain ishistorically a Christian society, people are usually very tolerant towards the faiths of others and those who have no religious beliefs. and l.18: « Now all the world’s religions are represented here. »
From the fact that this term is a loosely defined expression concerning acceptance of various religions, there is a real fear in the further evolution of society in Britain because of the...
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