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How to spot the arly signs of teen anorexia

Parents can spot the early stages of anorexia or bulimia in their children from their eating habits, experts say.
Children who develop obsessive rituals when eating, such as cutting their food into tiny pieces of pausing five minutes between mounthfuls may be showing the early signs of an eating disorder according to a new guide published today by the Eating Disorder Association.
The guide is designed to support parents and carers of people with anorexia and bulimia and to help them to identify the illness before it has progressed too far.
Other behaviour often associated with eating disorders include wearing baggy clothes, hoarding worthless objects and requests to put away photographs of the sufferer looking more healthy and heavy. Sufferers may also develop a number of tricks to conceal their aversion to eating such as hiding food in clothing. The EDA carer's guide advises parents not to ignore these tricks ans to be open about what they have noticed.
There are 90 000 people in the UK who have had an eating disorder diagnosed but it is estimated that a further 1.1 million may be sufferers.
Anorexics restrict the amount they eat and drink, sometimes to a dangerous level. People with bulimia indulge in binge-eating and immediately attempt to get rid of food consumed by vomiting or taking laxatives or both. Anyone can develop an eating discorder but young women are most vulnerable.
Nicky-Bryant chief executive of the EDA, said that the guide had been produced after the association had realised that parents and carers were crying out for pratical advice.
"With nearly 100 000 people a year calling our helplines, we felt the time had come to act in a positive and pratical way" she said.

Comment découvrir les signes(panneaux) d'arly d'anorexie de teenager

Les parents peuvent découvrir les premières étapes(scènes) d'anorexie ou la boulimie dans leurs enfants de leurs habitudes alimentaires, les experts

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