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The customer behaviour
in the men's cosmetics market in France




I. The market of cosmetics for men

❖ Evolution of the market
❖ Description of the market
• Supply
• Demand

II. Profile of the consumer

III. Consumer behaviour of men towards cosmetics

❖ Men’s expectations
❖ Examples of brandspositioning



The women market of cosmetics is running since a large number of years whereas the business of selling cosmetic for men is booming since a couple of year.
Nowadays, men are more conscious of their body and the need to conform to the standards of youthfulness, healthiness, and thinness.
Moreover, the development of fashion magazines for men reinforcesthis new concern of the men for their appearance.
Thus, the men conform more and more to certain patterns of beauty and are more sensitive to the cosmetics, like products enable them to improve their appearance.
But, even if market research suggests that the women expect their companions to take care of their appearance also, some still fear that the purchase of cosmetic products calls intoquestion their virility, associating them to a female, effeminate or homosexual universe.
Obviously, many differences exist between the market of cosmetics for women and the one for men. Thus, the firms have had to adapt their marketing strategies to this new target to lead them buy their products.

The first part of this study deals with the market of cosmetics for men in France: the evolution andthe description. Then, the second part is about the profile of the consumer and his behavior by considering the evolution of the mentalities. This part will be finished by presenting examples of brands positioning.

IV. The market of cosmetics for men

❖ Evolution of the market

The market of men’s cosmetic is relatively a new market. At the beginning, it was a niche market.
We candefine a niche market as having products that interest just a few people. The target is represented by a limited segment and, in order for the market to be profitable, only one or two companies can be positioned on this specialized segment.
Indeed, the market of cosmetics for men has interested just a few brands: only the group L’Oreal launched itself in this segment in 1985 with Biotherm Homme.This brand is considered like a pioneer in the men’s’ cosmetics. In fact, Biotherm is the first one which proclaimed that men also need to take care of themselves, to clean their skin.

But, the real revolution occurred in 2001 with the arrival of Vichy for men and Clarins in 2002. A lot of brands began to be seriously interested in this growing segment and real competition appeared. A newpotential was detected.

Finally, the market of men cosmetics takes off after years of waiting thanks to different changes: mentalities of the new masculine generation, appearance of “metro sexual”, social liberalization of homosexual, and the fact that men want to stay young. The relationship between men and cosmetic products has changed and nowadays, they admit the fact that they also look forpleasure and wellness by using cosmetics.

L’Oreal France considers that in fifty years, the number of male user of beauty cream will amount to 50% (one in every two men), whereas nowadays, it is just 21% and in 1994, it was just 4% of men who stated they used regularly face care products.

❖ Description of the market

1. The French market of men’s cosmetics

The French market for men’scosmetics follows the world tendency. The total sales turnover (produced care, of beauty and perfumes for men) progressed of almost 140% between 1998 and 2003, to €42,16 million, according to statistics of the federation of industries of perfumery (FIP). In 2006, sales have reached € 6,543 billion. Products of care and beauty had a progression of 294%. Products for men account for 10,3% of the...
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