Conflict management and its impact on performance

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Intergroup conflicts and its impact on performance

Date: 26/11/2009
Every person has experienced work in group in one way or another. Acting in group is natural for a human being who needs to interact with others. It came from childhood games, and it continues existing during all scholarship to get you ready for your career, where team work is done inlot of jobs. The ability to work in team is one of the main competences that companies are looking for, especiallyfor business and engineers students.
I chose to work on a subject of group work because I had 3 last year full of team assignments, and all business careers that I expect to do will include team works. Project after projects, I lived many experiences of work, and also had differentefficiency in the work, depending on the way the group acted. Knowing all those elements, ,
Nevertheless, the last experience I had at EGC (the name of my school) was particularly different from the others. A conflict happened inside what was our group, but we had to accomplish our objectives. I will explain this situation in the next part.
The topic I will develop all along this report willbe the intergroup conflicts and its impact on performance. To analyze it, I will focus on the situation I lived and how my group has been able to manage it, then I will look at different concepts relating to the subjects of the group dynamics, teamwork and what make an effective group. In the last part, we will see what I would do if I were in this situation again, regarding the expert advices.What was the situation?
During my three years in EGC Réunion, we had at least 6-7 project groups per year in every subject. Furthermore, every year we had a project, in which you had to be involved for a whole scholar year among a team of 4 or 5.
The last year project concerned us working on a business creation, with several oral presentations with professional persons. We had to go fromthe idea to the business plan. This project was one of the most feared by the students for 2 main reasons:
Its importance in the year : 20% of the mark of the year
Its difficulty: You had to work in every aspect of a company: marketing, sales, finance, law and human resources.
Regarding those reasons, most of the students had an idea of the group they would choose since the 2ndyear of study. Actually, this school was a very small one, with about 50 students by year. There were only two classes each year, and everybody knew each other very well and knew the way they work. This is why the groups were almost made before getting in third year. Nevertheless, there was one factor of variation of this choice: the class that you would be in. In my view, I wanted a group, inwhich I would be complementary with others, but also a group where I know my partners would work. I did not care about having strong friendship with others.
Arriving in the third year, the teams have been made in the first class week. I quickly had to choose to go to 2 groups: a group with a strong leader, who already had a company and who wanted to make the project on his company, and a groupwith 3 girls very linked together, and with strong personalities : Elsa, Sofia and Yasmine. I chose to go with them because I knew that the work would be more interesting, and I just ask them one request: only talk about work and stay focus when we were in a team meeting. I think that this request was very important for the following of the project, because I knew that they had tendency to talkabout various subject and to be subject to emotional changes. Furthermore, Yasmine was known to have conflicts with lot of persons.
After this oral which happened quite good but in which we did not have a very good mark, Yasmine and Sofia started to not talk between them very much, and we saw some tension between them. Furthermore, Elsa and Yasmine reinforced their link, and other personal...
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