Critique dracula pièce de théâtre

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Theatre, Musical

Oz Company

Our mark out of 5: ♥♥♥♥♥
Time table: until december 2009

After “Agatha Christie’s lesson incrime” and “Snow white’s Hollywood Follies”, Oz Company is back on tracks with a brand new adaptation of the famous Bram Stoker’s novel, DRACULA.

The scene takes place inTransylvania. It deals with a mysterious enigma of five characters played by only three actors. Two of them are searching for Mina and the doctor Van Helsing which are in Dracula’scastle.
To go straight to the point, DISAPPOINTED is the word to resume our impression. The show, which was supposed to be brilliant, was truly unfaithful to the novel with newcharacters like Boris the domestic or Van Helsing’s wife which came out from nowhere and has nothing to do with the story.
Half of the audience was asleep during the whole show, maybethat was in order to keep the “gloomy” and dark atmosphere up… But wait, No, the play was supposed to be a musical with upbeat songs and cheerful lyrics! Only a few sentences made ussmile and the rest was just… noise.
Our favourites: the actors who where as bored as us while acting. There were only three on stage.
Congratulations to the costumes designer, Minaand Dracula’s sisters were wearing beautiful dresses and Dracula’s cape was nothing but amazing.
Our “one star mark” Oscar goes to the power engineer who tried to do the best tokeep our attention focused on the terrible setting. We won’t tell you about the special effects which are in the image of the play… ridiculous.
Basically, we could recommend theplay to children since the text is easy, characters are not speaking to fast and songs are not to serious either.
To conclude, DRACULAME would be a better title. SAVE 9€, DON’T GO!
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