Crossing the river

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Crossing The River, Caryl Phillips, 1993
Crossing the river, Caryl Phillips, 1993

The texte we have here is an exerpt from a book by British writerCaryl Phillips who is of Caribbean background. Here he denounces the plight of the black population who were forcibly transported from Africa to America.
This passage focuses on the story of threeblack slaves before the American civil war. The scene takes place on a plantation in Virginia during the period of slavery.

The main characters are Lucas a 35 years old slave, his wife who must beabout the same age but who looks older because of hard work and privation. The third character is their daughter Eliza Mae, a young child. The mother's name is not mentioned as she is the narratorrelating the story in the first person.
At the beginning the scene is set in Luca and the narrator's cabin. Luca breaks the news of their master's death, wich implies that they might be sold to anothermaster. Later, the narrator describes how she is trated by the overseer of the plantation. She is whipped while working in the fields whenever the pace of work is not fast enough. The end of the texte(L37-end): the 3 family members are waiting to be sold at an auction sale. The narrative is broken by her recollection of the previous nights when Luca confessed how worried he was about their futureand admited he would rather die than be separated fromhis family. She also describes the various groups attending the sale; thier attitude and the overall atmosphere.
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