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“Along the paddy field were a bamboo and oak. Oak, millennium, was robust and majestic. At his side, bamboo seemed puny. Suddenly a very violent wind arose. Oak resisted and resisted, but be uprooted. By cons bamboo, bent over and once the wind got up, he could get back the original position. It was now the sole inhabitant of the paddy field, and had never been so majestic. "

Zen Japanese proverb that transmits the Japanese attitude towards adversity: bend without losing its roots. It would be useless to deny modernity to safeguard the tradition, it is better to do survive the tradition in modernity.

This story summarizes some of the complexity and paradoxes of the country of rising sun

1. Geography

Japan is a Pacific archipelago of over 3000 islands with the top four is Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. Japanese territory is two times smaller than France and very mountainous. The largest Japanese space is formed by the sea with a huge ZEE providing a source of disagreement with its neighbours South Korea and Russia. Climates are varied. The north coasts of the Sea of Japan are colder and suffer the Siberian winds in winter. The south is warmer with a subtropical climate. Japan is a high risk area with more than 1,500 earthquakes per year causing volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.
Due to lack of space, economic activities are concentrated on the coastal plains. To compensate for this lack of space, the Japanese built land filled, artificial islands, giant bridges, giant undersea tunnels, buildings earthquake.

2. Population, demographics

Despite being a small country, Japan has a population of 127 million people. This is the 10th most populous country in the world. The vast city of Tokyo, the largest city in the world with other cities is a gigantic megalopolis: the old Tokkaido
With a population density of 340 persons per

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