Cutting hair

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Cutting Hair A Basic Bob By Beverly Neeta

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Cutting Hair – A Basic Bob ____________________________________________________________


There are many methods of cutting hair, but only two ways, good or bad. This pack is an easy to follow step-by-step guide to cutting hair which links in with your NVQ level 2 qualification. Hopefully it will help you to understand where to start and how to complete basic cuts which once mastered will enable you to create any kind of hairstyle you can think of. The only limitation you have is your own imagination… All hairstyles fall into one of three categories that will look either: a. One length b. Layered c. A combination of the above This pack covers all of the above three styles by picture demonstration along with a written explanation and description. All the work within this pack has been done on mannequin head blocks, as this will relate more to the situation within training, however mannequin blocks do not react in the same way as real life clients although they do have real hair. The main difference being that they do not have any growth patterns or unusual face shapes or defects. Also they are not able to complain when you make a mistake or cut too much off their hair. But, before you even pick up your scissors to create any style there are a few things that need to be considered which can effect how you tackle each cut. They are: a. Health & Safety b. How to hold scissors & comb when cutting c. Hair texture d. Hair growth patterns e. Whether to cut wet or dry f. The previous cut g. Different cutting techniques These will be explained individually giving you an insight on how to deal with

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