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Why should we visit poor countries rather than rich ones?

Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen. Today we are debating the resolution “We should visit poor countries rather than rich ones”.I have four reasons: the cost, the development, the authenticity and the change of scenery.

My first point is the cost. Accommodation and the cost of living are cheaper in poorcountries. In France, the country the most visited in the world, the average price for a hotel room is 90EUR (\150,000) whereas in Morocco it is 30EUR (\48,000). According to a 2009 reportof the Department of Health and Human Services the cost of living in poor countries is twice inferior to rich countries.

My second point is the development, in particular the economicdevelopment of the country visited. Nowadays, tourism is an important sector of the economy. Indeed, tourism could not exist without basic infrastructures. And if there are moretourists, there will be more investment in the area which leads to the creation of jobs. All this, help the economic growth of the country.

My third point is authenticity. In a poor countrythere are fewer intermediates between the tourists and the people and the place. And then you can make the most of your journey. For example, in Croatia, the cultural heritage and thebeautiful landscapes are intact.

My fourth point is the change of scenery. If you are from a rich country and you wanted to go to another rich country, you are going to see the samethings (buildings, stores …). Because of the globalization every rich country tends to look the same, offering the same products and the same entertainments.

In conclusion, I have talkedabout the cost, the development, the authenticity and the change of scenery. I have shown that we should visit poor countries rather than rich ones. For these reasons, I beg to propose.
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