Description d'une publicité

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This picture is an advertising taken from the famous American newspaper magazine Newsweek for the Turkish Airlines company.
In the background, we can see a blue sky with some clouds. This advertising is composed in four parts. In the background, we can see four monuments of four different countries. On the one hand, in the right part of the picture, we can notice the big ben which is the Palace of Westminster and refers to Britain. We can also see a telephone box typically English because it is red. On the other hand, at the left of the Big Ben, we can see the Statue of Liberty which represents the Untied Stated. Behind the Statue, there are a lot of skyscrapers and more specifically the famous Empire State Building. Then, there is the Saint Basil's Cathedral which is in Russia on the Red Square in Moscow. The interior of the cathedral is a collection of separate chapels, each filled with beautiful icons, medieval painted walls, and varying artwork on the top inside of the domes. (Pour le quatrième monument, je n’ai pas su dire grand chose dans le sens ou je ne vois vraiment pas quelle est ce monument ni le pays dont il provient)

At the foreground of the picture, there is an airplane which is divided in four parties according to the countries. As the matter of fact, the aircraft is present on each part of the countries. The title of this advertising is : “more destinations than you expect”.
The artist enhances the fact that Turkish airlines is flying in a lot of destinations like England, United Stated or Russia. Turkish airlines want proof that she is able to answer to the expectations of their customers. Indeed, nowadays, there are more and more people who travel in the whole world for trips or for their work. I find this advertisement attractive because I find it original by the fact that the artist has represents an aircraft divided in four countries. This technical advertising points out that Turkish Airlines is a big firm and show it international

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