Dialogue anglais

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English dialogue

John was in the kitchen. He heard a noise and stood up. Homer appeared at the door smiling. John was speechless. He murmured.
« Oh my God! Homer? Is it real? Is it you? »« Hi, Dad! » answered Homer hesitating.
« I’m so happy to see you again after all these years! »
John took his son in his arms.
« Me too! I have missed you! It’s good to come back to home since allthis time! »
John exclaimed; pulling Homer to a chair.
« Come on, sit down! I want you to tell me what you have been doing during these years. »
« It’s a long story. Tell me first how are Mum,Jim and you. Then, I will tell you everything. »
John learned towards his son and started.
« Your mum teaches pupils at school now, she gives art painting lessons. »
« That’s great. Mum mustbe happy! » Homer exclaimed.
John agreed. Then he added, distressed.
« Unfortunately, your brother has got a problem. His girlfriend, Dorothy, had a baby and Jim had to leave university. I’mhappy that you have make your dreams come to life. Let’s talk about you now. »
« I’m very sad for Jim. It’s too bad for him. Now, I’m an engineer. I work on rockets and I love it. »
His father saidupset.
« I had wrong to stop you in your dreams. I was so stupid. I only thought of myself. I was so proud of my work. But I’m very proud of you now. I hope you forgive me. »
« Of course Dad!I’m so glad you have accepted my dreams now it was hard for me to see you proud of Jim and not of me. I felt resentful. I thought you didn’t love me. I wanted to make you love me and prove to you Iwas able to do something good with my life. »
John declared lovingly.
« I love you son. I was just worried for you. I thought that you didn’t care about your future. It’s hard to be a goodfather, you know. »
« You were a good father! You will be forever. »
John hugged Homer again and he said.
« Thank you son. You make me happy to know that I’d helped my son to become a good...
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