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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was the most famous English author of the 19th century. He was born in February 1812 in Portsmouth and died in June 1870.
Many of his novels areconsidered as ones of the most beautiful masterpieces of the English litterature.

His life

Charles Dicken's family was not well-heeled. In 1815 they moved to London, then to Chatham. Here, hespent the most beautiful days of his childhood. In these days, his father's incomes fell dangerously. He was put to jail for not paying his bills when Charles was only 12. This shocked him for a longtime.
When his was let out of jail, Charles went back to school and continued his studies in a private school, the Wellington House Academy.
At the end of his studies, he worked at the law office ofEllis and Blackmore, attorneys, of Holborn Court, Gray's Inn, as a junior clerk from May 1827 to November 1828. Then, he left to become a freelance reporter (job he did at Doctor Common's)
He firstbegan to work for the Morning Herald but published his first stories in the Monthly Magazine. He was about 21 when « Sketches by Boz », his first book, was published. It had been an immediate success.Then, he continued to write and published his best successes, Oliver Twist in 1838 and David Copperfield in 1850.
In April 1836, he got married with the daughter of the editor in chief of theEvening Chronicle, Catherine Hogarth. They had ten children but Dickens divorced in 1858.
Dickens spent a lot of time abroad. He went to the United States twice. During his visit, Dickens spent a month inNew York City, giving lectures, raising support for copyright laws, and recording many of his impressions of America.
Charles Dickens died, rich an famous, at the age of 58.

His work
Dickensis the author of most of the best known novels in the History. His two most famous novels, Oliver Twist and David Copperfield are considered by many as the best novels of the British litterature....
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