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Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in the 21srt Century

-Introduction: November, 4th 2008: Barack Obama’s election (presidential election US)
-The 44th President of US and 18th representative of the Democratic Party.
-Democratic Party: created by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison… against Federalism, policies of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton… and in favour of the Bill of Rights.
- 1srt : called Democratic Republican Party
-1800: Thomas Jefferson : 1srt Democratic-Republican President.
-Presidential campaign of 1828: John Quincy Adams : The Democratic-Republican Party splits: two factions : The Whig Party and the Democratic Party.
- The first one: absorb by Republican Party
- Many Democrats : end segregation and defend Civil Rights , liberties , equalities… (Roosevelt…)
- Democratic Party: More progressives values, but not really as “left in France. Republicans : conservatives
- Barack Obama (idea of the Democratic Party) succeeded in Politic and set his program up?
I ) The Democratic Party
II) Barack Obama’s exceptional course before, during the primaries
III) The last straight line: the final program of Barack Obama and his electors

I) The Democratic Party 1) Their main values
-social: Civil Rights / Liberties: fight discrimination ( sexe, age, race, disabilities, religion…)
-Apply Civil Rights Law: equal chance at employment, housing, health, wages…
- Healthcare: cover all Americans: reduce cost of uninsured, stop discrimination in insurance
-importance in Economy: the productivity, the firms, the workers…
// Secure Retirement: everyone: workers, government…
-inform people about their company pension (pension fund’s investment)
- All Federal income taxes for seniors earn – 50000£/ year: stop
- Against Bush and Mc Cain plan .August 14th 2008: American rebellion for the 73th birthday of
-Politic: Immigration: many Immigrants in America but problems:
- should have reforms: undocumented, secure borders, stop employers who take

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