Dissert en anglais sur la nra

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Slavkovic Djordje

« Gun don’t kill, people do » this sentence is maybe the bigger argument of the NRA. They say that when a trouble with a gun came and when the people says it’s NRA’s fault. This sentence mean the gun don’t kill by herself but the man (or woman) do? They pull the trigger and they kill. The gun doesn’t kill alone. They play on word, if I want I can says “without gun, people can’t kill with gun” and it’s true ! This argument is not good and he can save the NRA for ever. In France, to 100 men, 36 have a gun, in USA to 100 man, 91 have a gun. This statistic it’s just awesome ! With that number of gun many gun violence in USA. In the school, they have been many gun violence. In the USA, this gun violence have been frequently. And it’s sometimes very very murderer. Like in Columbine in 1999 when 2 young killer shoot and killed 32 people ! Most recently in 2007 in Virginia Tech, a student killed 33 other students. This 2 massacre it’s just a small part of the iceberg, because many many massacre have been. And a crime with a gun it’s like “normally” in USA. Anybody can go and buy a gun ! The NRA is the National Riffle Association, its organization which lists as its goals the protection of the Second Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights. In 2010, the NRA members is more of 4 millions. This association gives to the American people the license to have a gun. In the USA bill of rights says in the second amendment, the American people can have a gun to his defense. The NRA it’s one of the bigger and older association in USA. And her voice to the election is very important ! The principally opponent of the NRA is the coalition to stop gun violence. It’s many association who fight against gun violence. Every of this organization criticized the NRA for its "warped conception of popular sovereignty...that citizens need to arm themselves to safeguard political liberties against threats by the government." Always NRA say stuff like that,

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