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Skeleton in the cupboard : Part 1 (l.1 – l.95)

This document is an extract from a short story written by Tony Wilmot and entitled « Skeleton in the cupboard ».
It deals with the twocharacters meeting, a man, Robert Smythe and a young girl. They meet everyday and start talking. The girl is doing an investigation about something which happened 20 years ago. It turns out (ils’avère que) that the man played a role in this event.
In a first part, I’m going to introduce the 2 main characters. Then, I’m going to talk about their encounters and finally I’m going to comment on theinvestigation.

A – The characters’s portaits
The girl : “she was twenty-ish” (début de la vingtaine), she’s “doing some research”. She lives in Elmston and is “pretty” and “attractive with a pulsequickening figure”.
The man : Robert Smythe, “he was more than twice her age” so in his forties. He is married whith “Margaret, his wife” and works as a “civil servant” (fonctionnaire). He lives “in aleafy suburb on the outskirts (périphérie) of town”.

B - The encounter(s) ( le(s) rencontre(s) )
Thet met in the park. They shared the same bench at lunchtime.
They are used to meeting eachother at lunchtime (“For several days now” (l4), “would” (l2) (habitude)). They enjoy each other’s company.
He finds her charming but there’s no sexual interest. He’s aware of the age difference (= thegeneration gap). He respects the conventions.

C – The investigation(s)
The girl
She has spent a lot of time investigating (l 56-57). It’s difficult for her. She has met obstacles (l 53-54). She isdetermined.
Some questions are unanswered, what is the identity of the person and the link(= relationship) between them.

The man
There is an evolution of his behaviour and feelings.
First (l1-17) he’s eager (impatient) to see her. Next (l 18-32), he feels anxious, ill-at-ease when he hears that someone wants information about a specific car type. He may own a MG Sports car, he may...
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