Dissertation d'anglais: addiction

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Addiction is everywhere. You might not realize it, but you're probably addicted to something. The TV show you just can't miss? There are compulsive habits that are easy to pick up and hardto break. Some might seem harmless, but having awareness of an addiction early on can keep it from expanding into something more destructive as time passes.

I'm addicted to the computer, especiallythe internet. It's my type of relaxation. It's unhealthy I've realized because you're staring at a screen for hours and you're not moving. I'm addicted to TV too, but that was before I had internet.I'm too embarrassed to admit that. I go to school and come home to the internet! I don't do anything else until my parents come home, and I have dinner, do my homework and go to bed. I'm just luckyI'm not obese, but I think that I've become really unhealthy because of this addiction. It practically rules my life. I try to do other things like look for hobbies, but I can't find hobbies and I don'tknow why. Maybe I'm just not trying. Also, every time I feel down, this is where I go. This is where I cannot physically hurt people and vent out my frustrations.
A lot of exercise will help me torelax, and the air outdoors is cleaner than the air indoors.
I like the internet and TV, but I go to school too. So I have to read, and do physical activity. Sometimes I ride my bike, so I getexercise that way too. Go bowling, play any sport, or just walk a lot. It will calm you down and make you feel better.

I think people can become addicted to playing video games. It is so true becausegames are really addicted!! My little cousin is only 7 and he is really addicted and he can't stop buying or playing games at all, but at least he does his homework before he play games. I know that somekids don't do their homework cause their parent can't tell them too or just won't force them too because they are spoiling their kids!!!
It is very addicting when you get into one ...You don't want...
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