Ma vie, en anglais !

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The scene takes place in the evening . Andrew Smith is playing video games as usually and his parents are fed up of attitude of his son who is addicted to video games .

- Andrew come eat !! screams his mother , angry

- No, I haven’t got hungry ..

And there ! Mister Smith start to rise in thomas's bedroom, quickly

- You haven’t got hungry?
During months you spend the days in front of the computer!
You should seriously start thinking about your future !

- leave me alone , I have all year for think it

- Andrew you cannot continue like this, you should to be more involved in your studies.
Do you have any idea about what you are going to make do of with your life. What will you do next year ?
Stay at home during all the day in the front of your computer. I had never been a strict father but I'm fed up of your behaviour. If I have to, I can punish you .

-You can't reproach me for using my computer because I always did my homework in time It's so unfair.
What ? You prefer I go out like the other and be drunk, because you know I can do it. I'm not a child anymore.

-There are other interesting things than Internet or video games.

-But I like playing games, surf on the web, chat with my friend. I don't see where is the problem. this is not your generation . Can't understand me.

i don't want argue me with you but, I won't yield !
Dad, please let me do what I want it's just a computer .

I just Want you spend less time on computer

Okay I will try to spent less time ..


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