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Trading What You Have for What You Need

Nowadays, in the world economical crisis’ atmosphere, people‘s purchasing power is decreasing. New ways of consumption have been developed since 2 years: Low coast, recycling, bartering … In that way, companies like easy jet, ebay, www.gotrocyourself.com , adapted their offer to this way of trading.

Bartering was the only exchange mode used by many old economies, like Egypt of the Pharaons or the Amerindian people.
In an economical crisis’ climate, people are more and more aware of the need to save money.

In the article is mentioned that barter is more and more trendy, and a lot of web site makes profits on this tendency.

Nowadays, thanks to barter, consumers can exchange products that they don’t used anymore, or services between them. One service given for one service received. Some web site works with a credits system. One service given for a number of credits, then, consumers can exchange those credits with an other service or product.

More and more people equip their house with bartered furniture. Instead of going to the hairdresser, they swap a haircut against few hours of babysitting… These new idea of bartering is going to change the individualism way of leaving. In a crisis period, we can notice that people are more and more secured belong the others.

This new way of thinking will revolutionized the world of consumption. Saving money is more and more the first buying behaviour …


Trading What You Have for What You Need

Stephanie Diani for The New York Times
Jane Heyman paints portraits — here of a client’s dogs — and sometimes trades them for goods or services.
Published: February 13, 2009
MANY years ago, when my oldest son was a newborn, we did what many new parents do — we exchanged baby-sitting services with friends who also had an infant.
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