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Dear brother, Conor

I hope everything goes well. You can't imagine how I miss you and how I want to see you. It has been a year since I left. So I write this letter in order to tell you howthings turned out for me. I am sorry for not being able to send you over letter. In the beginning, it was difficult to settle, I encountered some problems. But now you need not worry, everything isfine.

Conor, I really wish you had come with me and I regret not having insisted to you.

Let me describe you first the country : New Zealand is an island country in the south-western PacificOcean comprising two main landmasses. The majority of New Zealand's population is of European descent; the indigenous Māori are the largest minority. Asians and non-Māori Polynesians are alsosignificant minority groups, especially in urban areas. The most commonly spoken language is English.

New Zealand is a developed country that ranks highly in international comparisons on humandevelopment, quality of life, life expectancy, literacy, public education, peace[9], prosperity, economic freedom, ease of doing business, lack of corruption, press freedom, and the protection ofcivil liberties and political rights.[10] Its cities also consistently rank among the world's most liveable.

As far as i’m concerned, at first I could not adjust to life I had some difficulties tosettle down but now everything is fine. But I realized they have the same lifestyle.

People here are open minded. They are not racist.

indeed i wasn’t oblige to accommodate my language.I forgot to tell you about the most important , the reason why i came here : my work . I work now in a big farm with nice people helped me at the first. To date I payed the half of my passage.The next year I will had payed all my passage and could spare money in order to buy my own farm and develop it, and so achieve my dream.
I look forward to hearing from you.
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