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Monday, December 14th, 2009
ACAR Mustafa

That Evening…

The lady was walking to me. It was close to midnight. The more I stared at her, the more she made me think of Jenny. It reminded me of a lot of moments of my life… Jenny was my wife. We were so happy together and were made for each other. But this terrible car crash spoilt our life! It was on a Saturday in December, we were coming back home.
That evening I drank too much and I saw this cursed bend too late. We crashed on a tree because of the icy road. Both of us went into a coma. I survived but she didn’t. I was so sad that I tried to kill myself!
When I felt better, I began to look for women who looked like Jenny. My first victim was Victoria. She was in her late thirties. I saw her for the first time in front of the church I married Jenny. She reminded me of my wife : she had the same long fair hair and the same blue eyes. I went there each day to see her and every time lots of memories came back to my mind. One day, I decided to walk up to her. I don’t know why I did that; maybe it was in order to find some aspects of my wife in her. Victoria was afraid and started to scream. I wanted to make her quiet, so I put my hand on her mouth but… I unfortunately suffocated her. Then I dug a hole and I buried her body in her garden. Three years later, I was in a singles bar. The bell of the speed meeting had just rung when I caught a glimpse of Marie. We spent two minutes together; it was so nice… She had the same personality as Jenny, the same blond hair and the same blue eyes… At half past eleven p. m., Marie left the party. I followed her on foot. At one moment, I passed her and hid behind a tree. The lady was walking to me. Big Ben was striking

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