Don juan

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Argiles Baro Roc
Baelde Bastien
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The questionning (Mr Buito and Mrs Egas)

Mr Buito and Mrs Egas were in the garden next to the porsche.

B:« So, what were you doing that night ? »
E: « I was in the night-club. »
B: « Were you with somebody ? »
E: « Yes, I was with a friend. »
B: « Could you give mehis name please ? »
E: « His name is Mr Burn. »
B: « Ok, I’ll check it. How well did you know Mr Furgler? »
E: « Good I worked for him for 2 years and I livehere. I do the house work; my room is in the second floor. »
B: « What were your relations with him ? »
E: « He was my employer so we had just professionalrelations but I knew him very well ! »
B: « When did you see him for the last time ? »
E: « Hum… I think it was yesterday morning when I came down to startworking. »
B: « Are you sure. »
E: « Oh yes, I gave him the breakfast at 8 o’clock. »
B: « Did he look like worried ? »
E: « Yes a little bit because he heard thata prisoner had escaped by the Manchester prison. »
B: « And, have you an idea of who could have killed Mr Furgler ? »
E: « I think that it could be thisprisoner who escaped from the Manchester prison. »
B: « And why do you thing this ? »
E: « Because, Mr Furgler was the man who arrested the prisoner in 1990. »
B:«Oh is Mr Furgler a detective too? »
E: «Yes, he WAS!!! » (start to crying)
B: «Oh sorry. I am leaving you, may be I will call you in few days. And thanks forthis informations. Good bye. »
E: «Good bye and thank for coming so fast. »

When Mr Furgler left the garden Mr Egas stoped to cry and began to laugh…
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