Lettre en anglais

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Elie Joan Bennet
639 Harrow Road Kensal Green
Monday, January 8th 1940

My love,

Since you're gone my life is colorless. I missyou terribly, you also miss the children, they often speak to me of you. You see, Jimmy has really grown, it looks like you more. They help mewith chores. Kevin has very good results at school and Brad next level. You would be proud of them, anyway, they are proud of you.
Hope you'rewell, and that the fight is not as horrible as people say in town. They say it's a bloodbath, as the fights are hard and it's a great psychologicalwork ... Many ask me about you, I tell them that you are well, although in truth I do not know. Tell me you're okay and that soon you'll be backamong us, writes me that you love me.
In fact, if I write is not just for that. We can not live in town, the cost of living become tooexpensive and our income is too low. I got lisencier plant because of the baby, We can not afford to hire a nourisse. It's been almost 3 months sinceyou did not send me money. The owner calls me the rent for weeks, and every night I come home empty-handed. Helps me my love, I do not know what todo.
Takes care of you, and returned quickly. I want this damn war ends!Your wife loves you.

Ps: Some say that you do not answer me more because you died in combat, I do not listen. Answered me.
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