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Anaïs HAMON Group A1
Anaïs HAMON Group A1


My approach to English
To begin, English is for me a very beautiful language but especially it is essential for the future, in particular to exercise my future job. Thus it is the language about which I wish to speak usually and which furthermore, really pleases me.
However, for the moment I have no very good level of English. To improve me, I am used to looking at movies and series in English under titled French as for example "kill Bill"; "Inglorious Basterds"; "Dexter" or still “Millennium". It allows me to listen to the various English and American accents but also to try to understand the sense of the sentences without looking necessarily at under titles. Moreover, to look at movies in English allows me to enrich my vocabulary.
Furthermore, to improve my English, I like very much listening to some English music, especially groups such as "Oasis"; "Muse" or still "Cocoon". Then I look at the words and at the translations what allows me to understand better songs and texts but also to retain more easily words or expressions.
Finally, my different trips tempted me to perfect my English. Indeed, I went in Ireland (Dublin) as well as in the Scotland (Edinburgh) and to the United States (Chicago) what allowed me to confirm my interest for this language and my motivation.
For learning activities, I chose two web sites: * BBC Learning English: * Englisch Hilfen: The web sites
I chose these two Web sites because I have wanted to choose completely different sites. In the effect, at first, I chose a site which seemed easy to use and with simple sections to allow me to see again bases in English: grammar and vocabulary for example.
For the second site, I decided to choose a more complete site with more exercises of

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