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_Term Two Assessed Assignment_
International Pre-Masters Programme 2009-2010
Business Management Assignment 3
New Product Development:
Question 1:
Estimated cost of finding one successful new product
Question 2:
Only 1 product in 4 passed the Concept testing stage. Then, this stage represents 8 products.
Question 3:
According to the chart below, the cost for the firststage of product development is 32 000 pounds. Also, the cost of the second stage of product development is 80 000 pounds. Then, the total cost is: 32 000 + 80 000= 112 000 pounds. Then, the total cost to the company of the first two stages of product development is 112 000 ponds.
Question 4:
According to the chart beside, the total cost is:
32 000 + 80 000 + 400 000+ 500 000+ 2,500 000= 3 512 000 pounds
Therefore, the total cost of developing the one successful product through the five stages is 3 512 000 pounds.
Question 5:
First, a New Product Development (NPD) is a process which is designed to develop, test and consider the viability of products which are new to the market with the aim to ensure the survival or growth of a company or organization. In other words,NPD is important for companies to keep up with changes in the market (maintain or increase market share by offering more choice) and because of new products are needed to replace products coming to the end of their cycle.
Moreover, NPD could permit a company to create stars and cash cows, to maintain competitive advantages, and then to bring in new costumers. For example, to maintain itsreputation as a leading edge company, Carrefour could create Sportswear products to diversify into a new market (appeal to a new segment) in order to fill gaps in this market.
Finally, developing new products could improve relations with distributors, and make better use with the company’s resources.
Question 6:
a). Two industries where there is very substantial research and development of newproducts are the Mobile phones industry and the Automotive industry.
{draw:frame} As we can see on the chart below, the global mobile phone market has been growing at a healthy rate over the past five years and will continue to do so into the forecast period, albeit at a slower rate. Indeed, the competition is high in that sector and there is a high level of money spent by companies on researchand development (R&D).
Today, the Mobile phones market is more and more dominated by new comers as Apple, Palm desktop, and Blackberry. The first two of them have the particularity to be known for producing computers, but they now successfully entered the mobile market with the I-Phone for Apple, and the Palm Pre for Palm Desktop. Recently, this new type of mobile phone - Smartphone - isincreasing in popularity because they are offering PC like functionality, along with the basic functions of a regular mobile phone.
All of the established mobile phone manufacturers as Blackberry are now following suit by launching their own “Smartphones”, which suggests that this section of the market is likely to see significant growth over the next few years, luring newcomers with revenueperspective. Also, those companies will have to spend high quantities of money on R&D in order to attract new customers, and to be competitive.
"The collapse of the automotive industry is actually going to drive a lot of innovation," says Westerbeek (President DSM Engineering Plastics). As a matter of fact, the Automotive industry knew a renewal after the world crisis in 2008-2009. Since some years,innovation and efficiency have been key components on this sector. And Chemical producers are still motoring ahead with a lot of innovative new products and producers are still giving a big importance on R&D. T
The Automotive industry has today a clear trend towards more efficient vehicles, lower emissions and improved fuel consumption. Toyota (a leading company in the sector) is a good example...
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