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Trends spring and summer 2011
The bodysuit
Carried by vague Black Swan, arecent movie, the lexical field of the ballet dance gets at present ready to break out in the heart of the summer wardrobes.
From the 80s, this one so begins taking out fitness rooms tosee adopting by stars such as Madonna, before coming to sheathe years later the bust of fearless Lady Gaga.
It declines lace, leather, or still in leopard, the bodysuit then shows tobe a part, super sexy, on the verge of the vulgar.
Having said that, it would seem that the bodysuit decided to finish with its reputation a stalk sulphurous. Introduced on the catwalksspring / summer, 2011 under the shape of a jerkin - mostly powdered - accompanying wisely some skirts or fluidissimes pants, this one tries this season to erase its tantalising faultsfor the benefit of a look so classic as good-natured.

They will also try to associate him a well-kept hairstyle, to prefer the dress handkerchief to the bag over the shoulder, butalso to marry it to underskirts in muslin coming down at the middle-calf as well as to fine and discreet ballerinas, the purpose being to confer him a look plug and cool.

Sandrine: Ithink that the bodysuit has to remain to carry by thin women without too much breast, to keep the classy side and not make us an accessory of provocation.

Marine: I find that thebodysuit is more intended for the babies and less for a woman.
We chose this subject because the fashion we interhook and because we like knowing about new trend of every season.

Wardrobes: garde robe
fitness rooms: salle de musculation
lace: dentelle
leather: le cuir
vulgar : vulgaire
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