Economic globalization

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World Economy File

Benoit Vault-Deschamps, Ekaterina Yushina, Aurore Chamaillard, Tamlyn Holmgren
2nd year ESCEM Bachelor, Anglophone section


Introduction Economic globalization is the dominant trend of the world today, which brings about significant commodity and production flows. No matter where it is one country or one region, they completely realize that all countries and regions must participate in the economic globalization in order to achieve fast economic development. Practices repetitively prove that the globalization brings about chances of fast development for developing countries. In 2007, the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China definitely declares: “Insist on the primary policy of reform and opening-up; integrate ‘bringing-in’ with ‘going-out’ properly; enlarge opening-up fields, optimize opening-up structure, and improve opening-up quality; perfect the open economic system that emphasizes on mutual connections and interests, safety, and high efficiency; cultivate new advantages in global economic cooperation and competition under the economic globalization.” An enterprise “going-out” firstly should select an appropriate business operation mode based on self-characteristics. Then, guided by the mode, an enterprise can perform international operations.
What is “going-out”? It refers to a process of an enterprise stepping out of domestic market and entering world market. It includes foreign trade, foreign investment, export of labor service, and foreign contracting. What is “going-out” business mode? It refers to former successful experiences and operations of enterprises in international operations. Enterprises may copy or take references from these experiences and operations according to self-characteristics. Experiences and operations are different for enterprises. Here, we probe into the “going-out” mode of some enterprises that knew difficulties doing it.

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