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Economics is the study of how finite resources are consumed by demand, according to the costs imposed by their supply in relation to that demand. In other words, economics tells us that a freeze inFlorida that damages the orange crop will cause the price of orange juice to change and how the price will modify demand over time

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1. Modern economic theory is said to have originated in "The Wealth of Nations," a book written by Scottish scholarAdam Smith in 1776. The theory holds that rational self interest pursued by individuals and businesses in a free market society leads to optimal economic conditions.
2. The two maincategories of economics are microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics is the study of how daily interplay of supply and demand influences and is influenced by the actions of consumers, manufacturers,corporations, and government. Macroeconomics is the study of economic conditions such as recession, bubbles, inflation, deflation and other results of microeconomic activities.
3.The study of economics helps formulate an understanding of the effects of financial actions and reactions by individuals and institutions. This understanding allows the projection of future economicconditions based on current indications.
4. An understanding of economics assists governments in managing macroeconomic conditions such as limiting a recession by inducingrecovery. However, economic theory is not foolproof because it is a social science based on the interplay between culture and money. Economic effects change as cultural customs change.
Supply Side Economics5. Supply side economics, known as trickle down economics, attempt to create a more efficient economy through free and open markets, limited regulation, lower taxes and less government...
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