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In the frame of my DUT Civil engineering, I did a work-placement in a public work company. This company is Eiffage public work. I chose this firm because I would like to discoverpublic work world. It’s a sector of activity which I didn’t know well. Eiffage is a national company, in this one can find five branches of activity, the first is the building, then publicwork, the construction steel, the concessions and finally energy.
In this work-placement I could take part in three building site. The first was on the earthworks, the second was more networksand the last gathered the two first but in an urban space. So on the first building sites I could assist a geometrician t established precise points of the building sites. But I could also seea treatment of ground which I would develop in my technical point. The geometrician uses a robotized theodolite which it placed on the building area, then he moved with a prism on the workingsite to put the point. Then I changed building site to go on a building site where my copany made electrical networks supply and telephone. Here I could see how made to pose sheaths below andfill with sand-graved mix limestone. Another site manager came me to search for to go in another building site. On the work area, I worked on changing a rain networks and renovation ofpavement.
My technical point is a treatment of ground for a platform movement. First a machine “the trax” deposited a lot of limestone then it spread up the end, about more or less fivecentimetres. After there are a big machine “a mixing machine”. This machine mix the ground with the cement. This helps solidity the ground. Then a grader comes the platform at exactly and a vibratingcylinder corrects bumps.
Thanks to this work-placement I came to realize that the environment of public works was not what I wanted to do. I want to work in a large company like Eiffage.
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