Emotionnally unstable

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The Enterprise crew was on lunch break, sitting on the length of a big table. All of them talked about different things that were happening on the ship. McCoy had started blabbing to Jim and Chapel about an engineer that had inhaled too much carbon dioxyde, and just fainted. Uhura was sitting beside Spock and in front of Gaila. They gossipped over stories they'd heard on board. Sulu debated with Scotty about the new manoeuvering system. And finally, there was Chekov who was listening to all this.
"And so they bring me this goddamn unconcious guy and no one knows what happened to him! So then I said ..."

"I think that pre-warp phase is definetly smoother, but the post-warp is a bit rough. D'you know what you could do about that, Scotty?"

"And I heard she's been cutting herself. Can you imagine? An emotionnally unstable medical ensign. She's no older than Ensign Chekov, but at least he keeps his arms clean. She was said to be the brighterst student ever in Starfleet."
"Yeah, I heard, but that must put alot of pressure on the poor girl. She's only seventeen, and her job's to save people's lives."
"But cutting herself?"
"Maybe she doesn't know what else to do. She's most likely very alone. PLUS, no one knows if it's true. you know rumors."

That particularely attracted Pavel's attention.

"Excuse-me, lieutenant. Who are you talking about?"
"Kimberlee Sanders, isn't it?" Uhura answered. Gaila confirmed that.
"Where ees she right now?"
"I dunno, probably in her room cutting herself." Gaila sneared, Uhura hit her gently but wasn't amused.
"Gaila it isn't funny. Her room is on deck 3. You'll have to ask Bones about her exact room though." Uhura said.
"Aah, I see. Ssank you."

Pavel stood up and walked over to Bones.

"And then he was all ..."
"Excuse-me Doctor."
"..." McCoy glared "Yes Chekov, what?"
"Do you know where Meess Sanders quarters are?"
Bones looked sceptically at the young russian but finally said
"Deck 3 room 42."

And Chekov set

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